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Kune Biezeveld Der Splitter und das Bild - Das Bilderverbot aus neuer Perspektive

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Feminist theologians, trying to integrate their daily life into God language, are easily blamed for violating the prohibition of images. Classical theologians, however, run the risk of violating this very prohibition themselves by not sharply distinguishing between the revelation by word, at the one side, and their own theological imagination, on the other. Kune Biezeveld interferes in this mainly North-American debate by disentangling the possible contrast between projection and revelation from the original issue: the prohibition of material cult images, related as these are to the cults of other gods and goddesses than YHWH. From here, a next step can be made: a laying bare of the backlash against feminist God language as grounded on anachronistic views on the origins of the Israelite religion.

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Kune Biezeveld (* 1948),

ist protestantische Theologin, Dozentin für Dogmatik und Professorin für Frauenstudien an der theologischen Fakultät der Universität Leiden. Ihr Forschungsschwerpunkt ist die Neuformulierung christlicher Theologie aus feministischer Perspektive.

Prof. Kune Biezeveld,
Faculteit der Godgeleerdheid
Postbus 9515
2300 RA Leiden

© Kune Biezeveld, 2003,, ISSN 1661-3317